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It’s time to…


  • Do you want to go from needing to run to help you cope, to running for the love of it and performing at your best?
  • Are you tired of relying on running and working hard to manage your mental health without the lasting gains you desire?
  • Do you want to feel worthwhile and capable in all areas of your life, not simply when you cross the finish line?
  • Are you ready to start running towards your recovery and beyond?
What would finally being well, feeling confident and running for the love of it be like?

Are you…

  • Terrified of being unable to run because you need it to cope…
  • Experiencing bouts of anxiety and self-doubt despite your best efforts…
  • Frustrated that you’re doing the right things for your mental health and yet past experiences continue to haunt you…
  • Bolstered by your running achievements but still feel low in self-confidence?

And has your running become something to be relied upon for your mental health rather than something you love and enhances your wellbeing?

Is this ringing true for you?

Let me explain why…

Running is undoubtedly great for our mental as well as our physical health.  There is a wealth of evidence supporting running to help depression, anxiety, as well as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  As a dedicated runner, I totally get the benefits and joy of donning your trainers and heading out to do your thing.  

I also know the benefits of running can only reach so far.  There are experiences you’ve gone through in your life that are still impacting on you, how you see yourself, on your confidence, and on your happiness.  

My 19 years working in mental health tells me they can’t all be run from.  Though running boosts you up, you can’t quite shake them because they’ve become part of your belief system and remain present for you in the here now.

Having worked with countless clients over the years using EMDR (eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing), CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) and mindset coaching for mental health, sport, and happiness, I know you don’t have to keep running away. 

With therapy and coaching, you can run towards the recovery you desire and deserve, and towards the person and runner you are yet to become.

Here’s what S had to say about working with Michelle:

I’m not sure I’d be at this point without Michelle’s care, expertise, patience, kindness, and compassion (to name but a few).  To make such a profound difference to my and my family’s future is, really, beyond my thanks.

Hi, I’m Michelle,

Accredited EMDR and CBT therapist and Certified Mindset Coach.  I’m passionate about helping runners achieve mental health recovery and move forwards in both their running and their lives.
Which is why I created…

You can run for love rather than necessity!
Move on from what you’ve been through and into your best runner self!
Develop a healthy belief system that serves you well, both in your running and your life!
Discover just how well you can run with the right mindset and belief system supporting every step!

This is how we’re going to do it…

 Inside Reclaim Your Running, you will:

• Understand how your experiences and belief system drive the anxiety, self-doubt, and the struggles you experience

• Experience how EMDR can move what you’ve been through into the past where it belongs

• Develop the tools you need to believe in yourself and be at your best, both as a runner and in your life as a whole!

This is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach because you and your experiences are unique. It’s a personalised journey that we’ll take together to get you from where you are now, to the runner and person you wish to become.


We’ll start with a free, no obligation, connection call because I know the connection between client and therapist is key and you need to know I’m the right therapist for you.

From here we’ll meet for 60-90 minute sessions of therapy and coaching via Zoom.  We’ll start out weekly and then space out our sessions as you progress to give you time to embed your new tools for running and living.  

This programme isn’t about a set number of sessions, it’s about you and me working towards your key milestones.  We may be together for three months, we may be together for nine, but we will ensure you achieve:



Together we’ll map out your experiences, belief system, and how this plays out in your day to day life using the ‘Self and Sports Belief model’.  We’ll connect with the role running plays for you and the positives you want to hold onto, whilst moving away from any unhealthy use of your sport.

We’ll turn towards where you want to be so we have a clear vision of what we’re aiming for, and we’ll bring in tools straight away to get you moving in the right direction.



We’ll get you ready to tackle the past and target the key experience that is underpinning your mental health difficulties.  As you progress, we’ll ensure you are gaining tools and insights that keep moving you forward.

We’ll reevaluate your experiences and develop a helpful belief system, firmly bedding it into place so it serves you well, both in your running and your life.


Milestone 3: YOU AT YOUR BEST

We’ll connect you with your future running goal and what now drives you to run so you gain a deep connection and motivation for the sport you love.

We’ll ensure you have the right sports mindset in place to achieve your dream.  The beauty of sports performance mindset tools is that they apply to the rest of our lives too, enabling us to perform at our best across the board!




Alongside our individual sessions you’ll have email access to me to guide and support you throughout your journey.

 I want the best for you and to see you succeed so I’ve added the following BONUSES:



I’ll arrange for you to take the Mindset Dimensions™ assessment in the comfort of your home.  This user friendly mindset assessment tool provides me with a report so I know exactly how to tailor the programme to your needs.


You’ll recieve a free copy of my book, ‘The Runner’s Success Journal’, which will complement our work throughout the programme


I will teach you how to use running and movement to accelerate your progress in therapy


Throughout the programme you’ll recieve videos and worksheets of the tools you learn so they stay with you forever


And of course, I’ll be cheering you along every step of the way

Whatever you’ve been through, whatever your story, it’s time to run towards the recovery you deserve and reclaim your running and your life!



Payment plan available: 3 instalments of £718 alongside each milestone, or 6 instalments of £359
Yes, you read that right… a 1:1 therapy and coaching programme tailored to your experiences and needs for just £2154!

This is what M had to say about working with Michelle:

Michelle is one of the most patient and thoughtful people you will ever meet, and her years of experience means she has MANY tools in her toolbox, whilst being an athlete herself means she understands exactly what you’re going through.  It’s been a true honour and joy to work with Michelle,  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Please know, I created this for you because I want to see you shake off the past, believe in yourself, and reclaim running as something you love and excel at.  

 It’s time to stop running from the past, from those thoughts, from those emotions.  It’s time to run forwards, towards your recovery.  

It’s time to reclaim your running and reclaim your life.

I know you can!

I look forward to speaking with you,


My mental health problems are long-standing, can you still help me?

You’re in safe hands.  When we first talk, we’ll discuss what’s going to be the right approach for your unique needs and work together to make the right plan for you. 

If the programme is right for you, then we’ll get the ball rolling.  If we decide there is something I can help you with outside of the programme, we can do that too.

If, for any reason, I know there is someone better placed to help you than me, I will discuss this with you and support you to get the best help for you.

When you say past experiences, what do you mean?

Certain things that happen to us leave a lasting mark on our self-belief and our mental health.  It might be a single significant event or number of events either in adulthood or childhood, a time when you were figuring out who you are and what this world is about.  Either way, that lasting mark doesn’t have to go on impacting you.

I'm not sure I can justify investing in myself?

I understand there is a cost implication and sometimes we hold back from investing in ourselves.  This programme is about treating your mental health difficulties and enabling you to be the person and runner you wish to be.  Think of the benefits to you and those around you, both now and lasting into the future.  I believe you deserve that.

How will I find the time?

The idea of spending dedicated time on yourself might sound indulgent, especially with so many other things to fit in.  Yet, this is your mental health we’re talking about, an area so important to your overall wellbeing and functioning.  This investment in time now will enable to you live and be well for years to come.