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It’s time to…


You’ve been through a lot during this pandemic, but it doesn’t have to define your future

  • Is everything opening up making you want to stay in?
  • Has the past year taken its toll on you, your running and your life?
  • Does the thought of getting back out there fill you with anxiety rather than excitement?
  • Does what you’ve been through keep on popping into your mind?
  • Does it feel like you can’t quite shake that 2020 feeling?
Wouldn’t it be great to find your forward?

The past year has been tough…

As runners, we’ve been lucky to still be able to go out and run, albeit not always with others or in the events we’d planned.  Yet that doesn’t mean the pandemic hasn’t impacted us.  We have lives outside of running and, as beneficial as that running headspace is, we can’t always run from what we’ve been through.

The past year as impacted us all in different ways: the stress of home schooling; job loss or uncertainty; illness or loss of loved ones; the chronic stress and uncertainty of the whole situation.

For some of us, moving forward from this comes with fear, continued stress and anxiety, and one eye on what’s happened.

It’s like your mind keeps you looking back, and when you try to look forward, you feel the fear.

Is this ringing true for you?

Let me explain why…

Running is undoubtedly great for our mental and it has certainly helped many of us cope with the pandemic and work through what we’ve experienced.  

Nonetheless, the benefits of running can only reach so far.  The chronic stress of the last year, coupled with our own unique experiences, can have a lasting impact on us.  One that means we can’t quite shake the stress or the thoughts of what’s happened.  It’s like we can’t move forward, we feel held back by what we’ve been through.  This is what happens when we experience something traumatic.

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing experience.  It can be one event but it can also be something we experience over a period of time.  The pandemic has been traumatic for many of us, though that trauma has taken many different forms.  

With 19 years experience working in mental health, I know trauma, in all its forms, can be treated.  We don’t have to keep looking back and feeling the stress and anxiety we felt back then.

The pandemic may not be totally over but you can start moving forward now.  With both eyes on the future, free from that old emotion, you can take steps towards where you want to be, you can even run there! 

It’s time to start running forwards.

Here’s what S had to say about working with Michelle:

I’m not sure I’d be at this point without Michelle’s care, expertise, patience, kindness, and compassion (to name but a few).  To make such a profound difference to my and my family’s future is, really, beyond my thanks.

Hi, I’m Michelle,

Accredited EMDR and CBT therapist and Certified Mindset Coach.  I’m passionate about helping runners achieve mental health recovery and move forwards in both their running and their lives, especially now as we start to recover from the past year.
Which is why I created…

You can embrace the opening up with excitement!
You can shake the stress and anxiety of what you’ve been through to keep you clear headed going forward!
You can run towards what you want rather than away from what you’ve been through!
You can shake that 2020 feeling and feel so much calmer and more resilient in 2021!


And all in just one intensive session!

This is how we’re going to do it…

 In just one 2.5 hour session we will:

• Explore your experience of the pandemic

• Discover how you want to move forward

• Work through a targeted piece of EMDR therapy to reduce the intense emotions that are holding you back

• With the emotions released, we’ll check back in and plan your forward move.

My aim is that by the end of the session, you’ll be ready to move forward.


The session is conducted via Zoom and I’ll send you everything you need for the session in advance.  

This is a unique, intensive session where we’ll make forward progress on the day.


After four weeks we’ll have a 30 minute follow-up to see how you’re getting on.

Whatever you’ve been through over the last year, it doesn’t need to dictate your future.
You can find your forward!



There are only four slots available for this unique package.
You’ll receive a total of 3 hours of therapy and coaching for just £199

This is what M had to say about working with Michelle:

Michelle is one of the most patient and thoughtful people you will ever meet, and her years of experience means she has MANY tools in her toolbox, whilst being an athlete herself means she understands exactly what you’re going through.  It’s been a true honour and joy to work with Michelle,  I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Please know, I created this for you because I don’t want what you’ve been through this past year to hold you back.


You deserve more than that.  You deserve to move forwards, whatever the future holds.  

It’s time to find you forward.

I know you can!

I look forward to working with you,